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yea just thinking and i am also obbsessed with chad micheal murray i never thought of it as an abssesion but i have every single one tree hill taped and i own freaky friday and i hate that movie just to see C.M.M. and i made a poster of him and eveyr picture i ahve ever got well see i am goin to new york in a couple weeks and i have decided to go to the trl place and hold up my sign c.m.m. will see and put me as a guest on his show in which i will be his love intrest we will kiss fall madley in love and get arried i know it is far fetched but it will happen one day i hope !!
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if you dont mind me asking, where did you get your icon?
At an icon community
haha dude!
thats funny... never thought of that as an obsession...