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sort of obsessed?

well, there's this guy. hes super duper hot. and hes sooo rad. i met him last october. i only see him every couple of weeks or so. at concerts and such. before i ever saw him in person, i saw him in a dream of mine. freaky, huh? well anyway, i've been talking to him more the past couple of months. i was at his house yesterday. watching his band practice. i couldn't stop smiling because of him. these are his direct words to my friend "i'm so glad you brought HER" eeee. heheh. he makes me feel like a foolish little girl. or a giddy little girl in a candy store. he seems so mysterious to me. i want to get to know him. hes really funny. and cool to talk to. but i know nothing about him. its kind of hard to get to know him because i have a boyfriend. i'm horrible, i know. but i cannot help this crush of mine!!
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hey! i realllyyy like your layout howd you do it?